Desert Bloom Astrology

Individual Work: Natal Chart

$90 for 60 Minute session

Explore your Soul's map. How are you hardwired? What challenges must you meet? What gifts do you possess? What is the best way to navigate through your life?

Nodal Work: Insight Into Your Life Purpose


What did I come here to do? What have you mastered in other lifetimes? What did you bring forward with you? What do you need to focus on this time around? What can you release doing?


Present Time Work: Transits & Progressions


Be in the moment. Find out what is going on in the Universe right now and how it affects you. WTH? Why does this stuff keep happening? How can I best work with all that is going on with me?

Solar Returns: The Year Ahead

$90 for 60 Minute session

Happy Birthday from the Universe! What can you expect this year on the cosmic ocean, smooth sailing or rough seas? Is caution or congrats on the horizon? How does the Universe suggest you evolve?


Relationship Work: Synastry Chart

$180 for 120 minute session

Is he/she the one? What do you and your significant other have in common? Where are your struggles? What can be worked through with insight? What do you have to accept that won't change?

* Requires a prior Natal consultation of at least one individual & consent from the other.


*All charts are calculated at a rate of $90/hour and include interpretation.