Moon Magic

Moon Magic: New Moon Wishes/Full Moon Releases


Carrying forward the idea of the Moon as our Celestial Mother, this month of May, while Americans celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s take a minute to contemplate “Moon Magic”!

What exactly is Moon Magic? It is a conscious, committed action-oriented practice designed to keep our emotional awareness in present time, laser-focused on what we want to manifest in our life and/or heal and integrate into our Self, in rhythm with the Moon’s cycles. It’s also FUN!

Now there are many, many varieties of doing this practice and there are many, many ways in which to do justice to all the varieties, so pick whichever version you come across that resonates with you or create your own. The only “rules” are these: New Moon cycles are beginnings therefore you must focus on what you would like to BEGIN; Full Moon cycles are releases therefore you must focus on what you would like to RELEASE! Simple. Permission to be as creative as you wish! Now…let’s get started!

The idea here is to work with the rhythm of the Moon’s cycles and bring concentrated awareness to what you need to create in your life. Most of us already do this at least once a year in the form of a New Year’s Resolution. We reflect back on our year, decide what we want to shift or change, then make a promise to move ahead with a new outlook and renewed vigor. Usually around day 5 or 6 we tucker out, beat ourselves up for failing, fall back into old habits knowing that next year is only 360 days away, give or take, and we can start all over again.

And while I am being a bit tongue in cheek, there is also a terrific amount of truth in that tired old pattern as well. So maybe, renewing our resolution every 2 weeks or so isn’t such a bad idea? Enter New/Full Moon intentions and their purpose. Think of them as bi-monthly New Moon or Full Moon resolutions, depending on the time of the month you begin!

The idea is to use the waxing/waning Moon as a visual reminder that it is time to take a minute for our Self and do a personal inventory. Are we where we want to be this time in our life? Are we feeling empty, like there is something missing? Are we feeling too full, like we need to let go of something? Are we sticking to the healthy new lifestyle we want? Did we walk away instead of arguing the same old worn out patter? We have much more power to create the life we want than we imagine. New/Full Moon practice is a visual meditative tool that allows us to tap into that creative power potential.

The basic process is this: Decide you want to become more proactive in fulfilling your own needs; set an intention to do the work necessary to make your dream needs a reality; create a reminder for yourself in the form of prayer, ritual, affirmations, intention setting, and/or ceremony that represents you and your need(s); and then consciously, with presence and confidence, trust that all prayers are answered even before they are asked, that your intention will come to pass; and then, LET GO! Surrender. Trust.

It’s as simple and as complicated as that!

By adding the Astrological information you can further clarify and develop a most concise prayer/wish/intention. There are many simple apps or websites that list into which astrological sign the NEW or FULL Moon falls on any given month. I suggest finding one that you like and use it to help clarify your intentions. This helps assure you are working with the universal energies already being stimulated (think swimming with the current instead of against it or worse yet, trying to do the backstroke in the desert sans water!). You are tuning yourself into universal energies you want to co-create with, so the more aware of the time and of the season, the better!

A few ways I have come across over the years include: write a list of ten “wishes” you want to bring into your energy field (it is encouraged to put pen to paper to ground the intention); light a candle at the New/Full Moon times while affirming your desired intentions; read your intentions aloud, burn the paper you wrote them on while offering them up in prayer, carried by the smoke (be careful, safety first!); dedicate a yoga session opening to or releasing from the current Moon cycle; or simply recite a purposeful prayer while gazing with wonder on the glorious night sky! I even knew of someone who made a commitment to bring the New/Full Moons in by camping under the stars as often as possible! As you can see, there is no one “right way”, just find one that resonates with you and develop it into your own practice, one that you will consistently do based on your lifestyle. And, remember this…

Healthy Mothers nurture our Souls, soothe our feelings and help us process our emotions so we may take command of our lives and become empowered. Whether your real life mother taught you that or not, this is a practice you can begin as a way to nourish yourself and soothe your own Soul. Growing your own internal mother is a developmental step toward individuation that all must take, taking that step consciously is exceptionally empowering.

To get you started, the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th, 2019 @ 5:11pm ET/2:11pm PT is a RELEASE Moon. If you know your natal chart you can look to see where Scorpio falls by house and clarify even more. Here are a few examples to get you started as well as a few links/apps you can explore if you want to investigate further.

Example general intentions can be: I choose to release my controlling behaviors (then state what they are); I choose to transform my feeling of powerlessness and release my fear of being powerful; I choose to release my fixed ideas about spirituality; I choose to release feeling like a victim (feeling powerless). A friend of mine suggests stating EASILY along with your intentions so you aren’t working as hard! So, “I choose to EASILY release my controlling behaviors”. AND, if you know Scorpio falls in your 2nd house of values and self-worth, you can further streamline your intention, “I EASILY value transformation and EASILY step into my personal empowerment.” You get the idea…

Here are some sample how-to’s:

Here are a few Moon/Astrology Apps:

Have fun getting your cyclic rhythm back! Make MAGIC and don’t be surprised when you come face to face with your immense creative feminine power!!!

ENJOY! And, do no harm.

Mary Sutton