Juno: Goddess of Marriage

June rose bouquet.jpg

On this beautiful summer solstice, in this glorious month of June, so named to honor the patroness of marriage, the faithfully loyal and powerfully formidable Roman goddess Juno ~ I offer this…ENJOY!


She who sees clearly knows

the perfection of rhythm that is this awkward dance.

The stumbling and fumbling and tripping over one another’s feet.

The to and fro; the give and take.

You – Me – I – Thou – Us – Them – ALL

Forever choreographed by a distant orchestrator.

The underscore of music barely heard at first but palpable

on the level of the Soul.

The give, the take; the back and forth

forever jockeying into position and occasionally remembering

we are not in a race…this is not a competition…

Just a dance.

I clearly see the sign above the studio –

Dance Lessons taught here, inquire within.

I remember signing up and filling out my dance card

with your name.

It’s all so very clear now.

I see you. I know you. I see me. I know me.

Let’s begin…

And, 1,2,3…1,2,3

“Juno” Original Poem by MCSutton, ©2014, 2019, all rights reserved

This month’s post is dedicated to my loving and supportive husband of 22 years, Steve who, despite my protests, continues to introduce me as his bride. Thank you for being a phenomenal step-dad for my beautiful daughters, a dedicated dad to our beloved pups, a loving spouse toward me, and a quietly patient man (still under construction)!

May we dance for as long as we live and may we Love unconditionally with every step of the dance…

And so it is…

Mary Sutton